Version 12! - Many new things!

I have finally rolled out some much needed updates for Cash Cow! 

Starting with replacing  the, let's face it, gross pixely gilded MOO button from the title screen and level select screen.
But it's Okay! I promise!
I have replaced the beloved Golden MOO buttons with one that is a little more visually appealing, and on the level select screen, I present to you a complete overhaul! I originally imagined something like this from the very beginning, calling back to my childhood memories of playing Pandemic II on way back in '08. The screen might still see some changes in the future, but this is definitely a leap in the right direction.

Next, we have a long awaited update to the Market UI!
I have been using the same sprite, made in Gamemaker's internal sprite editor, from the very beginning. It had always served a valuable purpose of separating the Market UI from the game, but it was also always the bare minimum... But now we have this Beauty.
Incoming on the left, and Outgoing on the right, this new UI is again something that has been floating around in my head for most the game's development. I always wanted the player to really feel like a pit-stop for these animals, where your goal as the rancher is to get them along the line as fast and lucratively as possible, and now I feel that theme is represented visually quite well. I still have some work to do on the market, but this is very close to the final version. 

And finally, what have I removed or not updated nearly at all...

The Feedlot is in a playable state, but it's gross to look at. Don't go there. It's not ready yet. I'll be adding at least 2 whole new features and changing the way the upgrades and value affect your operations dramatically. Just Stay at the Ranch for now.

Tutorial is Gone.
The last one was horribly out of date and didn't function at a reasonable pace as it did when it was first implemented, so I removed it. I'll be working on adding a new one, perhaps after the feedlot is finished... or if tutorial inspiration hits me perhaps sooner.

There are many assets that are unfinished, but the only one you should encounter in the Ranch is the Public Tour value upgrade. There's a ghost rancher driving ghost students and tourists around the field!


CashCow HTML5 - Play in browser
Jun 28, 2017

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